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Take a look at our online fashion catalog on Paperturn! Want to see the finished product and professional gallery of me, models, photo props, and pictures of exotic scenes with handbags?  Give it a try and you could possibly become my next model or rock a handbag!  The online catalog is a great way to get a more visual look at the end products of artistic masterpieces!  It also gives me the ability to show how photography can bring a product to life with the correct background, lighting, and placement. 

We have an online fashion catalog

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If you love topics about fashion like color choices, fabric swatches, matching outfits, trends, and pictures of inspiration, you can always see what it is like to be an active worker at MTW Shadows and Design.  You literally get to see the making of these masterpieces!  From patterns to design boards, you get to see it all!  I also have a selection box where you can be the brains to deliver inspiration.  

What we do to stand out.

d on the aWWWe have a new collection called Intrigued.


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