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      MTW Shadows and Designs is an online handbag website that specializes in creative purses, basic and 3 dimensional totes, imitation and strange shaped bags (like perfume shaped bags), and fashion inspired skirt shaped purses.   We specialize in custom purses and designs.  Ordinary is not in our vocabulary!  Here, we stand out and make ourselves known.  If you can put something in it, we can find a way to make it!  Nothing is off limits!  Backpacks, luggage, and dufflebags are also included in these unique wearable designs.  We have an online fashion catalog from Paperturn which shows an indepth gallery of these works of art.  You can also use a variety of social forums like Facebook which shows an indepth look of my life and work.  Instagram show cases my work.   I use online blogs to give you raw content of what a designers' life is really like and answer questions about fashion. 

      The company began in the year 2022 on New Years Day.  The first online catalog was launched  and a celebration all over social media and Linked In took place as I began to blossom.  The three initials are the letters to my name.   The term shadows is used because I went to a prestigous art school and lived in the shadows of many famous companies whom I secretly admired and wanted to model myself after.  The word design specifies that all handbags made are professionally designed by me.  To stand out, I had to be creative and different.  The skirt purses and novelty bags were my golden tickets to shine among competitors.  However, I do have people who made this company a success.

      You are the fuel that feeds my company and a main contribution to my dream.  Enjoy the site and follow me on social media, Paperturn, and blogs.

" Always strive to be different and never have an ordinary day."

- Mikedria Traneice Williams






 Meet the Mastermind of MTW Shadows & Design

"Thank you so much for the cheerleading purses."



"My tote just arrived today!  I love it.  It came with a mini purse and a pocket for my cell phone."

                                  TAMEKA  WALKER


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